The Nature Park Community is a low-density, residential and recreational area comprising a total of 10.5 acres (4.25 ha.), divided into:

  • 2.2 acres (0.89 ha) of gently undulating land with 10 residential lots that vary in size from 7459 sq. ft. [693 m2] to 13,336 sq. ft. [1239 m2].  
  • 8.3 acres that will be collectively owned by the residents/lot owners that is designed to be used for recreational activities (e.g. trail walking, barbeque area, children’s play area) and agro-forestry. 

Covenants agreed at the time of purchase will protect the owners from development of the land in ways that would not be conducive to maintaining the ‘serene and green’ atmosphere though there will also be scope for the owners’ management committee to suggest how they would like the recreational area to evolve.