By remaining sensitive to the topography of the area and integrating the concepts of residential community/co-ownership, community tourism, sustainable agro-forestry and permaculture, Kasala is intended to appeal to:

  • People seeking to acquire land and build a house in an unspoiled ‘serene and green’ area alongside like-minded people, with a co-owned 8-acre recreational park.
  • Visitors who are looking for a relaxing, healthy and authentic rural/nature-based experience, while enjoying comfortable accommodation, access to health and wellness facilities, and excellent organic produce. 

As a role model for sustainable development and responsible tourism in north-east Trinidad, Kasala aims to make an important contribution to the reputation of the region as the “Green Corner of Trinidad” and to the policy thrust of Placing the Environment at the Centre of Social and Economic Development [Vision 2030], economic diversification and food security.  It is also in line with the vision for development articulated by community members in the Matura to Matelot area in the Alternative Development Plan for Toco.

When complete, it is estimated that Kasala can provide 25-30 full-time jobs and further entrepreneurial opportunities through the proposed Area for Fostering Community Enterprise.  It will also stimulate demand for other goods and services provided by surrounding villages, such as turtle and eco-tours, food and beverage services, agricultural produce, craft, construction and landscaping.  Kasala hopes to partner with interested community-based organisations in the Matura to Matelot area, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to ensure that local people benefit from Kasala and that visitors are exposed to, and offered, a wide diversity of high-quality local products and centralised booking for services offered in the region.  Local persons will be given preference for employment, with financial and/or technical support provided for enhancing construction, customer service or agricultural skills