Since we acquired the land in 2000, our focus has been on creating a unique residential and agro-ecotourism development that respects the topography of the land and embodies the best in Caribbean innovation.  

To support this, we have invested in:  

  • An initial land use plan, with partial funding support from the Caribbean Development Bank 
  • Refined land use and layout plans for the Nature Reserve Parcellation, Nature Retreat (A) and Nature Park (F), prepared by Ilesi Ltd, and approved by Town and Country Planning.
  • A 2012 design study for the Nature Park Community) by Caribbean Permaculture Ltd. 
  • Development of all plans and designs necessary to secure outline approvals from Town and Country Planning Division, Environmental Management Authority, Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Water and Sewerage Authority, Fire Service and certification from the Lands and Surveys Division.
  • Housing designs that incorporate principles of sustainable building for the ecotourism cottages, owners’ and manager’s house and three outline designs for the houses in the Nature Park (outline plans available on request
  • Remediation and resurfacing of the Old Toco Main Road where it borders the Nature Park Community and installation of box drains.
  • Cutting of access roads and drainage to lots in the Nature Park Community that do not border the old Toco Main Road.
  • Landscaping, management and maintenance of the Nature Park lots and Nature Retreat land by local entrepreneurs.
  • Planting of new trees, with an emphasis on fruit trees and those that attract birds and butterflies.

We are open to discussion with potential investors who share our vision for the overall Kasala Nature Reserve.